Baby Names with Similar Meanings

Boys - Tahbert

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FelabeorbtEnglishBrilliantPopularity of Felabeorbt
FilbertEnglishBrilliantPopularity of Filbert
FilbukEnglishBrilliantPopularity of Filbuk
HubertGermanBrilliantPopularity of Hubert
TabGermanBrilliantPopularity of Tab
TabbartGermanBrilliantPopularity of Tabbart
TabbertGermanBrilliantPopularity of Tabbert
TabbyGermanBrilliantPopularity of Tabby
TaberGermanBrilliantPopularity of Taber
TaborGermanBrilliantPopularity of Tabor
TaburerGermanBrilliantPopularity of Taburer
ThanVietnameseBrilliantPopularity of Than