Baby Names with Similar Meanings

Girls - Galatee

Just type in a name and pick boy or girl, and we will help you find other baby names with similar meanings. This can be very useful if you want to see what other names that you might want to use for your baby.


AlbionaArthurian LegendWhitePopularity of Albiona
BarakaArabicWhitePopularity of Baraka
BelaCzechWhitePopularity of Bela
BiancaItalianWhitePopularity of Bianca
BianchaItalianWhitePopularity of Biancha
BlancaItalianWhitePopularity of Blanca
BlanchFrenchWhitePopularity of Blanch
BlanchaItalianWhitePopularity of Blancha
BlancheItalianWhitePopularity of Blanche
BluinseIrishWhitePopularity of Bluinse
GinebraSpanishWhitePopularity of Ginebra
GinessaSpanishWhitePopularity of Ginessa
GuendolenEnglishWhitePopularity of Guendolen
GuennolaCelticWhitePopularity of Guennola
GunnaScottishWhitePopularity of Gunna
LivanaHebrewWhitePopularity of Livana
PhyuBurmeseWhitePopularity of Phyu
RowenaCelticWhitePopularity of Rowena
SilverAnglo-SaxonWhitePopularity of Silver
ZahraArabicWhitePopularity of Zahra
ZahrahArabicWhitePopularity of Zahrah
ZurinaSpanishWhitePopularity of Zurina
ZurineSpanishWhitePopularity of Zurine