Baby Names with Similar Meanings

Girls - Calandra

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AlavdaFrenchFunPopularity of Alavda
CalGreekFunPopularity of Cal
CalandreFrenchFunPopularity of Calandre
CalandriaSpanishFunPopularity of Calandria
CalliEnglishFunPopularity of Calli
CallieEnglishFunPopularity of Callie
CallieGreekFunPopularity of Callie
CallyGreekFunPopularity of Cally
CallyrEnglishFunPopularity of Callyr
KahliEnglishFunPopularity of Kahli
KalliEnglishFunPopularity of Kalli
KallieEnglishFunPopularity of Kallie
KallitaEnglishFunPopularity of Kallita
KallyEnglishFunPopularity of Kally