Baby Name Lists

Girls - Y

Here you can find lists of baby names that you can lookup by first letter and gender. The lists also have links to see the meaning of the name, and how poular the name is. Not all names will have meaning and popularity information available.

First Letter:

Ya akove Meaning of Ya akove Popularity of Ya akove
Ya el Meaning of Ya el Popularity of Ya el
YachneMeaning of YachnePopularity of Yachne
YadiraMeaning of YadiraPopularity of Yadira
YadraMeaning of YadraPopularity of Yadra
YaffaMeaning of YaffaPopularity of Yaffa
YaffitMeaning of YaffitPopularity of Yaffit
YahairaMeaning of YahairaPopularity of Yahaira
YahooMeaning of YahooPopularity of Yahoo
YajairaMeaning of YajairaPopularity of Yajaira
YakshaMeaning of YakshaPopularity of Yaksha
YamiletMeaning of YamiletPopularity of Yamilet
YamilethMeaning of YamilethPopularity of Yamileth
YamilexMeaning of YamilexPopularity of Yamilex
YaminiMeaning of YaminiPopularity of Yamini
YamkaMeaning of YamkaPopularity of Yamka
YamunaMeaning of YamunaPopularity of Yamuna
YanamariaMeaning of YanamariaPopularity of Yanamaria
YanamarieMeaning of YanamariePopularity of Yanamarie
YaniMeaning of YaniPopularity of Yani
YaraMeaning of YaraPopularity of Yara
YarallaMeaning of YarallaPopularity of Yaralla
YardenahMeaning of YardenahPopularity of Yardenah
YareliMeaning of YareliPopularity of Yareli
YaretziMeaning of YaretziPopularity of Yaretzi
YaritzaMeaning of YaritzaPopularity of Yaritza
YarkonaMeaning of YarkonaPopularity of Yarkona
YarmillaMeaning of YarmillaPopularity of Yarmilla
YarraMeaning of YarraPopularity of Yarra
YarrahMeaning of YarrahPopularity of Yarrah
YashawiniMeaning of YashawiniPopularity of Yashawini
YashilaMeaning of YashilaPopularity of Yashila
YashodaMeaning of YashodaPopularity of Yashoda
YasmeenMeaning of YasmeenPopularity of Yasmeen
YasmiaMeaning of YasmiaPopularity of Yasmia
YasminMeaning of YasminPopularity of Yasmin
YasminaMeaning of YasminaPopularity of Yasmina
YasmineMeaning of YasminePopularity of Yasmine
YayoiMeaning of YayoiPopularity of Yayoi
YazminMeaning of YazminPopularity of Yazmin