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Here you can find lists of baby names that you can lookup by first letter and gender. The lists also have links to see the meaning of the name, and how poular the name is. Not all names will have meaning and popularity information available.

First Letter:

YaakovMeaning of YaakovPopularity of Yaakov
YacoubMeaning of YacoubPopularity of Yacoub
YadielMeaning of YadielPopularity of Yadiel
YadonMeaning of YadonPopularity of Yadon
YaelMeaning of YaelPopularity of Yael
YagilMeaning of YagilPopularity of Yagil
YagoMeaning of YagoPopularity of Yago
YahirMeaning of YahirPopularity of Yahir
YahtoMeaning of YahtoPopularity of Yahto
YahyaMeaning of YahyaPopularity of Yahya
YairMeaning of YairPopularity of Yair
YakecanMeaning of YakecanPopularity of Yakecan
YakovMeaning of YakovPopularity of Yakov
YaleMeaning of YalePopularity of Yale
YanMeaning of YanPopularity of Yan
YancyMeaning of YancyPopularity of Yancy
YandelMeaning of YandelPopularity of Yandel
YanisMeaning of YanisPopularity of Yanis
YanisinMeaning of YanisinPopularity of Yanisin
YankMeaning of YankPopularity of Yank
YannMeaning of YannPopularity of Yann
YanniMeaning of YanniPopularity of Yanni
YannicMeaning of YannicPopularity of Yannic
YannisMeaning of YannisPopularity of Yannis
YaphetMeaning of YaphetPopularity of Yaphet
YardaneMeaning of YardanePopularity of Yardane
YardleyMeaning of YardleyPopularity of Yardley
YardlyMeaning of YardlyPopularity of Yardly
YaremaMeaning of YaremaPopularity of Yarema
YaremkaMeaning of YaremkaPopularity of Yaremka
YarinMeaning of YarinPopularity of Yarin
YaronMeaning of YaronPopularity of Yaron
YarranMeaning of YarranPopularity of Yarran
YasMeaning of YasPopularity of Yas
YashMeaning of YashPopularity of Yash
YashodhanMeaning of YashodhanPopularity of Yashodhan
YashodharaMeaning of YashodharaPopularity of Yashodhara
YashpalMeaning of YashpalPopularity of Yashpal
YashwantMeaning of YashwantPopularity of Yashwant
YasinMeaning of YasinPopularity of Yasin