Baby Name Lists

Girls - W

Here you can find lists of baby names that you can lookup by first letter and gender. The lists also have links to see the meaning of the name, and how poular the name is. Not all names will have meaning and popularity information available.

First Letter:

WagayeMeaning of WagayePopularity of Wagaye
WahooMeaning of WahooPopularity of Wahoo
WakandaMeaning of WakandaPopularity of Wakanda
WakiMeaning of WakiPopularity of Waki
WalborgdMeaning of WalborgdPopularity of Walborgd
WalburgMeaning of WalburgPopularity of Walburg
WalburgaMeaning of WalburgaPopularity of Walburga
WaldaMeaning of WaldaPopularity of Walda
WaldhurgaMeaning of WaldhurgaPopularity of Waldhurga
WaleisMeaning of WaleisPopularity of Waleis
WallisMeaning of WallisPopularity of Wallis
WalterMeaning of WalterPopularity of Walter
WaltraudMeaning of WaltraudPopularity of Waltraud
WamboiMeaning of WamboiPopularity of Wamboi
WambuiMeaning of WambuiPopularity of Wambui
WandaMeaning of WandaPopularity of Wanda
WandeMeaning of WandePopularity of Wande
WandisMeaning of WandisPopularity of Wandis
WandyMeaning of WandyPopularity of Wandy
WanetaMeaning of WanetaPopularity of Waneta
WanettaMeaning of WanettaPopularity of Wanetta
WaniaMeaning of WaniaPopularity of Wania
WanitaMeaning of WanitaPopularity of Wanita
WanjaMeaning of WanjaPopularity of Wanja
WannMeaning of WannPopularity of Wann
WanyaMeaning of WanyaPopularity of Wanya
WanyikaMeaning of WanyikaPopularity of Wanyika
WapekaMeaning of WapekaPopularity of Wapeka
WaqiMeaning of WaqiPopularity of Waqi
WaratahMeaning of WaratahPopularity of Waratah
WardaMeaning of WardaPopularity of Warda
WarrahMeaning of WarrahPopularity of Warrah
WarrinaMeaning of WarrinaPopularity of Warrina
WavaMeaning of WavaPopularity of Wava
WealthyMeaning of WealthyPopularity of Wealthy
WeemaMeaning of WeemaPopularity of Weema
WeenyMeaning of WeenyPopularity of Weeny
WelcomeMeaning of WelcomePopularity of Welcome
WeldaMeaning of WeldaPopularity of Welda
WelsieMeaning of WelsiePopularity of Welsie