Baby Name Lists

Girls - V

Here you can find lists of baby names that you can lookup by first letter and gender. The lists also have links to see the meaning of the name, and how poular the name is. Not all names will have meaning and popularity information available.

First Letter:

VadaMeaning of VadaPopularity of Vada
VadieMeaning of VadiePopularity of Vadie
VaditMeaning of VaditPopularity of Vadit
VafaraMeaning of VafaraPopularity of Vafara
VailMeaning of VailPopularity of Vail
VaishaliMeaning of VaishaliPopularity of Vaishali
VajraMeaning of VajraPopularity of Vajra
ValMeaning of ValPopularity of Val
ValaMeaning of ValaPopularity of Vala
ValarieMeaning of ValariePopularity of Valarie
ValborgMeaning of ValborgPopularity of Valborg
ValborgaMeaning of ValborgaPopularity of Valborga
ValdaMeaning of ValdaPopularity of Valda
ValeMeaning of ValePopularity of Vale
ValedaMeaning of ValedaPopularity of Valeda
ValenciaMeaning of ValenciaPopularity of Valencia
ValentianeMeaning of ValentianePopularity of Valentiane
ValentinaMeaning of ValentinaPopularity of Valentina
ValentineMeaning of ValentinePopularity of Valentine
ValeraineMeaning of ValerainePopularity of Valeraine
ValereMeaning of ValerePopularity of Valere
ValeriaMeaning of ValeriaPopularity of Valeria
ValerianMeaning of ValerianPopularity of Valerian
ValerieMeaning of ValeriePopularity of Valerie
ValeryMeaning of ValeryPopularity of Valery
ValeskaMeaning of ValeskaPopularity of Valeska
ValinaMeaning of ValinaPopularity of Valina
ValindaMeaning of ValindaPopularity of Valinda
ValleMeaning of VallePopularity of Valle
VallerieMeaning of ValleriePopularity of Vallerie
VallieMeaning of ValliePopularity of Vallie
VallikaMeaning of VallikaPopularity of Vallika
VallyMeaning of VallyPopularity of Vally
ValoniaMeaning of ValoniaPopularity of Valonia
ValoraMeaning of ValoraPopularity of Valora
ValorieMeaning of ValoriePopularity of Valorie
ValtinaMeaning of ValtinaPopularity of Valtina
VanaMeaning of VanaPopularity of Vana
VandaMeaning of VandaPopularity of Vanda
VandanaMeaning of VandanaPopularity of Vandana