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Here you can find lists of baby names that you can lookup by first letter and gender. The lists also have links to see the meaning of the name, and how poular the name is. Not all names will have meaning and popularity information available.

First Letter:

VachaspatiMeaning of VachaspatiPopularity of Vachaspati
VachelMeaning of VachelPopularity of Vachel
VaclavMeaning of VaclavPopularity of Vaclav
VaheMeaning of VahePopularity of Vahe
VaibhavMeaning of VaibhavPopularity of Vaibhav
VailMeaning of VailPopularity of Vail
VairajaMeaning of VairajaPopularity of Vairaja
Vaive atoish Meaning of Vaive atoish Popularity of Vaive atoish
VaiveahtoishMeaning of VaiveahtoishPopularity of Vaiveahtoish
VajramaniMeaning of VajramaniPopularity of Vajramani
ValMeaning of ValPopularity of Val
ValdemarMeaning of ValdemarPopularity of Valdemar
ValdemarrMeaning of ValdemarrPopularity of Valdemarr
ValeMeaning of ValePopularity of Vale
ValenMeaning of ValenPopularity of Valen
ValenteMeaning of ValentePopularity of Valente
ValentinMeaning of ValentinPopularity of Valentin
ValentineMeaning of ValentinePopularity of Valentine
ValentinoMeaning of ValentinoPopularity of Valentino
ValerayMeaning of ValerayPopularity of Valeray
ValiantMeaning of ValiantPopularity of Valiant
VallabhMeaning of VallabhPopularity of Vallabh
VallenMeaning of VallenPopularity of Vallen
VallisMeaning of VallisPopularity of Vallis
ValloisMeaning of ValloisPopularity of Vallois
VanMeaning of VanPopularity of Van
VanceMeaning of VancePopularity of Vance
VandanMeaning of VandanPopularity of Vandan
VanderMeaning of VanderPopularity of Vander
VanderbiltMeaning of VanderbiltPopularity of Vanderbilt
VaneMeaning of VanePopularity of Vane
VaninadhMeaning of VaninadhPopularity of Vaninadh
VaninathMeaning of VaninathPopularity of Vaninath
VannMeaning of VannPopularity of Vann
VannesMeaning of VannesPopularity of Vannes
VardanMeaning of VardanPopularity of Vardan
VardenMeaning of VardenPopularity of Varden
VardonMeaning of VardonPopularity of Vardon
VareckMeaning of VareckPopularity of Vareck
VarekMeaning of VarekPopularity of Varek