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Here you can find lists of baby names that you can lookup by first letter and gender. The lists also have links to see the meaning of the name, and how poular the name is. Not all names will have meaning and popularity information available.

First Letter:

UchennaMeaning of UchennaPopularity of Uchenna
UdayaMeaning of UdayaPopularity of Udaya
UdelaMeaning of UdelaPopularity of Udela
UdeleMeaning of UdelePopularity of Udele
UjjwalaMeaning of UjjwalaPopularity of Ujjwala
UlaMeaning of UlaPopularity of Ula
UlaniMeaning of UlaniPopularity of Ulani
UldwynaMeaning of UldwynaPopularity of Uldwyna
UliMeaning of UliPopularity of Uli
UlkaMeaning of UlkaPopularity of Ulka
UllaMeaning of UllaPopularity of Ulla
UlricaMeaning of UlricaPopularity of Ulrica
UlrikaMeaning of UlrikaPopularity of Ulrika
UlrikeMeaning of UlrikePopularity of Ulrike
UltimaMeaning of UltimaPopularity of Ultima
UluMeaning of UluPopularity of Ulu
UmaMeaning of UmaPopularity of Uma
UminaMeaning of UminaPopularity of Umina
UnaMeaning of UnaPopularity of Una
UndaMeaning of UndaPopularity of Unda
UndineMeaning of UndinePopularity of Undine
UniceMeaning of UnicePopularity of Unice
UniqueMeaning of UniquePopularity of Unique
UnityMeaning of UnityPopularity of Unity
UnknownMeaning of UnknownPopularity of Unknown
UnnatiMeaning of UnnatiPopularity of Unnati
UnniMeaning of UnniPopularity of Unni
UnyMeaning of UnyPopularity of Uny
Upama Meaning of Upama Popularity of Upama
UraMeaning of UraPopularity of Ura
UraniaMeaning of UraniaPopularity of Urania
UrbanaMeaning of UrbanaPopularity of Urbana
UrennaMeaning of UrennaPopularity of Urenna
UriaMeaning of UriaPopularity of Uria
UriahMeaning of UriahPopularity of Uriah
UrianaMeaning of UrianaPopularity of Uriana
UriceMeaning of UricePopularity of Urice
UritMeaning of UritPopularity of Urit
UrjaMeaning of UrjaPopularity of Urja
UrmiMeaning of UrmiPopularity of Urmi