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Here you can find lists of baby names that you can lookup by first letter and gender. The lists also have links to see the meaning of the name, and how poular the name is. Not all names will have meaning and popularity information available.

First Letter:

R'phaelMeaning of R'phaelPopularity of R'phael
Ra'idMeaning of Ra'idPopularity of Ra'id
RaananMeaning of RaananPopularity of Raanan
RabMeaning of RabPopularity of Rab
RabiMeaning of RabiPopularity of Rabi
RachelMeaning of RachelPopularity of Rachel
RadMeaning of RadPopularity of Rad
RadbertMeaning of RadbertPopularity of Radbert
RadbourneMeaning of RadbournePopularity of Radbourne
RadburnMeaning of RadburnPopularity of Radburn
RadburtMeaning of RadburtPopularity of Radburt
RadbyrneMeaning of RadbyrnePopularity of Radbyrne
RadcliffMeaning of RadcliffPopularity of Radcliff
RadcliffeMeaning of RadcliffePopularity of Radcliffe
RadclyfMeaning of RadclyfPopularity of Radclyf
RadclyffeMeaning of RadclyffePopularity of Radclyffe
RadeliffeMeaning of RadeliffePopularity of Radeliffe
RadfordMeaning of RadfordPopularity of Radford
RadleyMeaning of RadleyPopularity of Radley
RadmanMeaning of RadmanPopularity of Radman
RadmundMeaning of RadmundPopularity of Radmund
RadnorMeaning of RadnorPopularity of Radnor
RadolfMeaning of RadolfPopularity of Radolf
RadolphMeaning of RadolphPopularity of Radolph
Radom├®rMeaning of Radom├®rPopularity of Radom├®r
RaeMeaning of RaePopularity of Rae
RaeburnMeaning of RaeburnPopularity of Raeburn
RaedMeaning of RaedPopularity of Raed
RaedanMeaning of RaedanPopularity of Raedan
RaedanoranMeaning of RaedanoranPopularity of Raedanoran
RaedboraMeaning of RaedboraPopularity of Raedbora
RaedburneMeaning of RaedburnePopularity of Raedburne
RaedclyfMeaning of RaedclyfPopularity of Raedclyf
RaedemanMeaning of RaedemanPopularity of Raedeman
RaedfordMeaning of RaedfordPopularity of Raedford
RaedleahMeaning of RaedleahPopularity of Raedleah
RaedmundMeaning of RaedmundPopularity of Raedmund
RaedpathMeaning of RaedpathPopularity of Raedpath
RaedwaldMeaning of RaedwaldPopularity of Raedwald
RaedwolfMeaning of RaedwolfPopularity of Raedwolf