Baby Name Lists

Girls - O

Here you can find lists of baby names that you can lookup by first letter and gender. The lists also have links to see the meaning of the name, and how poular the name is. Not all names will have meaning and popularity information available.

First Letter:

OakleeMeaning of OakleePopularity of Oaklee
OakleyMeaning of OakleyPopularity of Oakley
OaklynMeaning of OaklynPopularity of Oaklyn
OaklynnMeaning of OaklynnPopularity of Oaklynn
ObaxMeaning of ObaxPopularity of Obax
ObeliaMeaning of ObeliaPopularity of Obelia
ObharnaitMeaning of ObharnaitPopularity of Obharnait
OcieMeaning of OciePopularity of Ocie
OctaMeaning of OctaPopularity of Octa
OctaviaMeaning of OctaviaPopularity of Octavia
OctavieMeaning of OctaviePopularity of Octavie
OdaMeaning of OdaPopularity of Oda
OdahingumMeaning of OdahingumPopularity of Odahingum
OdalisMeaning of OdalisPopularity of Odalis
OdalysMeaning of OdalysPopularity of Odalys
OdandaMeaning of OdandaPopularity of Odanda
OdedaMeaning of OdedaPopularity of Odeda
OdedeMeaning of OdedePopularity of Odede
OdelettaMeaning of OdelettaPopularity of Odeletta
OdeletteMeaning of OdelettePopularity of Odelette
OdeliaMeaning of OdeliaPopularity of Odelia
OdelinaMeaning of OdelinaPopularity of Odelina
OdelindaMeaning of OdelindaPopularity of Odelinda
OdellMeaning of OdellPopularity of Odell
OdellaMeaning of OdellaPopularity of Odella
OdelynMeaning of OdelynPopularity of Odelyn
OdelynaMeaning of OdelynaPopularity of Odelyna
OderaMeaning of OderaPopularity of Odera
OdessaMeaning of OdessaPopularity of Odessa
OdettaMeaning of OdettaPopularity of Odetta
OdetteMeaning of OdettePopularity of Odette
OdianaMeaning of OdianaPopularity of Odiana
OdianeMeaning of OdianePopularity of Odiane
OdieMeaning of OdiePopularity of Odie
OdilaMeaning of OdilaPopularity of Odila
OdileMeaning of OdilePopularity of Odile
OdiliaMeaning of OdiliaPopularity of Odilia
OfeliaMeaning of OfeliaPopularity of Ofelia
OfiliaMeaning of OfiliaPopularity of Ofilia
OfraMeaning of OfraPopularity of Ofra