Baby Name Lists

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Here you can find lists of baby names that you can lookup by first letter and gender. The lists also have links to see the meaning of the name, and how poular the name is. Not all names will have meaning and popularity information available.

First Letter:

NaamahMeaning of NaamahPopularity of Naamah
NaamitMeaning of NaamitPopularity of Naamit
NaavaMeaning of NaavaPopularity of Naava
NaavahMeaning of NaavahPopularity of Naavah
NabelungMeaning of NabelungPopularity of Nabelung
NadaMeaning of NadaPopularity of Nada
NaddaMeaning of NaddaPopularity of Nadda
NadeenMeaning of NadeenPopularity of Nadeen
NadettaMeaning of NadettaPopularity of Nadetta
NadetteMeaning of NadettePopularity of Nadette
NadezdaMeaning of NadezdaPopularity of Nadezda
NadezhdaMeaning of NadezhdaPopularity of Nadezhda
NadiaMeaning of NadiaPopularity of Nadia
NadieMeaning of NadiePopularity of Nadie
NadifaMeaning of NadifaPopularity of Nadifa
NadinaMeaning of NadinaPopularity of Nadina
NadineMeaning of NadinePopularity of Nadine
NadiraMeaning of NadiraPopularity of Nadira
NadjaMeaning of NadjaPopularity of Nadja
NadraMeaning of NadraPopularity of Nadra
NadyaMeaning of NadyaPopularity of Nadya
NafMeaning of NafPopularity of Naf
NafeezaMeaning of NafeezaPopularity of Nafeeza
NaffoMeaning of NaffoPopularity of Naffo
NaffyMeaning of NaffyPopularity of Naffy
NafizaMeaning of NafizaPopularity of Nafiza
NagesaMeaning of NagesaPopularity of Nagesa
NahlaMeaning of NahlaPopularity of Nahla
NahokoMeaning of NahokoPopularity of Nahoko
NaiaMeaning of NaiaPopularity of Naia
NaiadMeaning of NaiadPopularity of Naiad
NaiaraMeaning of NaiaraPopularity of Naiara
NaidaMeaning of NaidaPopularity of Naida
NaiiaMeaning of NaiiaPopularity of Naiia
NailahMeaning of NailahPopularity of Nailah
NaimaMeaning of NaimaPopularity of Naima
NaimahMeaning of NaimahPopularity of Naimah
NainaMeaning of NainaPopularity of Naina
NaingMeaning of NaingPopularity of Naing
NainsiMeaning of NainsiPopularity of Nainsi