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Here you can find lists of baby names that you can lookup by first letter and gender. The lists also have links to see the meaning of the name, and how poular the name is. Not all names will have meaning and popularity information available.

First Letter:

NaalMeaning of NaalPopularity of Naal
NaalnishMeaning of NaalnishPopularity of Naalnish
Naalyehe ya sidahi Meaning of Naalyehe ya sidahi Popularity of Naalyehe ya sidahi
NaamanMeaning of NaamanPopularity of Naaman
NabMeaning of NabPopularity of Nab
Nabi UlmalhamshMeaning of Nabi UlmalhamshPopularity of Nabi Ulmalhamsh
NabilMeaning of NabilPopularity of Nabil
NabulungMeaning of NabulungPopularity of Nabulung
NachikMeaning of NachikPopularity of Nachik
NachiketaMeaning of NachiketaPopularity of Nachiketa
NachmanMeaning of NachmanPopularity of Nachman
NachmankeMeaning of NachmankePopularity of Nachmanke
NachtonMeaning of NachtonPopularity of Nachton
NadavMeaning of NadavPopularity of Nadav
NadimMeaning of NadimPopularity of Nadim
NadirMeaning of NadirPopularity of Nadir
NadivMeaning of NadivPopularity of Nadiv
NaeemMeaning of NaeemPopularity of Naeem
NaftaliMeaning of NaftaliPopularity of Naftali
NaftalieMeaning of NaftaliePopularity of Naftalie
NahcomenceMeaning of NahcomencePopularity of Nahcomence
NaheleMeaning of NahelePopularity of Nahele
NahiossiMeaning of NahiossiPopularity of Nahiossi
NahumMeaning of NahumPopularity of Nahum
NaingMeaning of NaingPopularity of Naing
NairneMeaning of NairnePopularity of Nairne
NajeeMeaning of NajeePopularity of Najee
NajjarMeaning of NajjarPopularity of Najjar
NakiaMeaning of NakiaPopularity of Nakia
NaldoMeaning of NaldoPopularity of Naldo
NalinMeaning of NalinPopularity of Nalin
NallyMeaning of NallyPopularity of Nally
NalongMeaning of NalongPopularity of Nalong
NalrenMeaning of NalrenPopularity of Nalren
NamburMeaning of NamburPopularity of Nambur
NamdevMeaning of NamdevPopularity of Namdev
NamonMeaning of NamonPopularity of Namon
NancieMeaning of NanciePopularity of Nancie
NancyMeaning of NancyPopularity of Nancy
NandaMeaning of NandaPopularity of Nanda