Baby Name Lists

Girls - L

Here you can find lists of baby names that you can lookup by first letter and gender. The lists also have links to see the meaning of the name, and how poular the name is. Not all names will have meaning and popularity information available.

First Letter:

La Reina Meaning of La Reina Popularity of La Reina
La Row Meaning of La Row Popularity of La Row
La Vergne Meaning of La Vergne Popularity of La Vergne
La Verne Meaning of La Verne Popularity of La Verne
LabhaoiseMeaning of LabhaoisePopularity of Labhaoise
LaboniMeaning of LaboniPopularity of Laboni
LaceMeaning of LacePopularity of Lace
LaceeMeaning of LaceePopularity of Lacee
LaceneMeaning of LacenePopularity of Lacene
LaceyMeaning of LaceyPopularity of Lacey
LaciMeaning of LaciPopularity of Laci
LaciannMeaning of LaciannPopularity of Laciann
LacieMeaning of LaciePopularity of Lacie
LacinaMeaning of LacinaPopularity of Lacina
LacoleMeaning of LacolePopularity of Lacole
LacyMeaning of LacyPopularity of Lacy
LacyannMeaning of LacyannPopularity of Lacyann
LadonnaMeaning of LadonnaPopularity of Ladonna
LadyMeaning of LadyPopularity of Lady
LaelMeaning of LaelPopularity of Lael
LaetitiaMeaning of LaetitiaPopularity of Laetitia
LahomaMeaning of LahomaPopularity of Lahoma
LailaMeaning of LailaPopularity of Laila
LailahMeaning of LailahPopularity of Lailah
LailiMeaning of LailiPopularity of Laili
LailieMeaning of LailiePopularity of Lailie
LainaMeaning of LainaPopularity of Laina
LaineMeaning of LainePopularity of Laine
LaineyMeaning of LaineyPopularity of Lainey
LainieMeaning of LainiePopularity of Lainie
LairMeaning of LairPopularity of Lair
LaireMeaning of LairePopularity of Laire
LaishaMeaning of LaishaPopularity of Laisha
LajwantiMeaning of LajwantiPopularity of Lajwanti
LakeishaMeaning of LakeishaPopularity of Lakeisha
LakenMeaning of LakenPopularity of Laken
LakendraMeaning of LakendraPopularity of Lakendra
LakeshaMeaning of LakeshaPopularity of Lakesha
LakeshiaMeaning of LakeshiaPopularity of Lakeshia
LakieshaMeaning of LakieshaPopularity of Lakiesha