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Here you can find lists of baby names that you can lookup by first letter and gender. The lists also have links to see the meaning of the name, and how poular the name is. Not all names will have meaning and popularity information available.

First Letter:

L'AngleyMeaning of L'AngleyPopularity of L'Angley
LabanMeaning of LabanPopularity of Laban
LabelMeaning of LabelPopularity of Label
LabhrasMeaning of LabhrasPopularity of Labhras
LaborcMeaning of LaborcPopularity of Laborc
LaceyMeaning of LaceyPopularity of Lacey
LachMeaning of LachPopularity of Lach
LacheMeaning of LachePopularity of Lache
LachlanMeaning of LachlanPopularity of Lachlan
LacyMeaning of LacyPopularity of Lacy
LadMeaning of LadPopularity of Lad
LadariusMeaning of LadariusPopularity of Ladarius
LadbrocMeaning of LadbrocPopularity of Ladbroc
LaddMeaning of LaddPopularity of Ladd
LaddeMeaning of LaddePopularity of Ladde
LaddieMeaning of LaddiePopularity of Laddie
LadislaoMeaning of LadislaoPopularity of Ladislao
LadislausMeaning of LadislausPopularity of Ladislaus
LadislavMeaning of LadislavPopularity of Ladislav
LadislawMeaning of LadislawPopularity of Ladislaw
Ladom├®rMeaning of Ladom├®rPopularity of Ladom├®r
LaecMeaning of LaecPopularity of Laec
LaefertunMeaning of LaefertunPopularity of Laefertun
LaertesMeaning of LaertesPopularity of Laertes
LafayetteMeaning of LafayettePopularity of Lafayette
LafeMeaning of LafePopularity of Lafe
LaibrookMeaning of LaibrookPopularity of Laibrook
LaidleyMeaning of LaidleyPopularity of Laidley
LaidlyMeaning of LaidlyPopularity of Laidly
LailokenMeaning of LailokenPopularity of Lailoken
LaineMeaning of LainePopularity of Laine
LairdMeaning of LairdPopularity of Laird
LairgnenMeaning of LairgnenPopularity of Lairgnen
LajosMeaning of LajosPopularity of Lajos
LakeMeaning of LakePopularity of Lake
LakelandMeaning of LakelandPopularity of Lakeland
LakotaMeaning of LakotaPopularity of Lakota
LakshmanMeaning of LakshmanPopularity of Lakshman
LakshyaMeaning of LakshyaPopularity of Lakshya
LalitMeaning of LalitPopularity of Lalit