Baby Name Lists

Girls - J

Here you can find lists of baby names that you can lookup by first letter and gender. The lists also have links to see the meaning of the name, and how poular the name is. Not all names will have meaning and popularity information available.

First Letter:

JaantjeMeaning of JaantjePopularity of Jaantje
JacalynMeaning of JacalynPopularity of Jacalyn
JaceeMeaning of JaceePopularity of Jacee
JacelynMeaning of JacelynPopularity of Jacelyn
JaceyMeaning of JaceyPopularity of Jacey
JaciMeaning of JaciPopularity of Jaci
JacindaMeaning of JacindaPopularity of Jacinda
JacintaMeaning of JacintaPopularity of Jacinta
JacintheMeaning of JacinthePopularity of Jacinthe
JackMeaning of JackPopularity of Jack
JackelineMeaning of JackelinePopularity of Jackeline
JackiMeaning of JackiPopularity of Jacki
JackieMeaning of JackiePopularity of Jackie
JackleenMeaning of JackleenPopularity of Jackleen
JacklynMeaning of JacklynPopularity of Jacklyn
JacklynnMeaning of JacklynnPopularity of Jacklynn
JackyMeaning of JackyPopularity of Jacky
JaclynMeaning of JaclynPopularity of Jaclyn
JacobaMeaning of JacobaPopularity of Jacoba
JacobienneMeaning of JacobiennePopularity of Jacobienne
JacqualineMeaning of JacqualinePopularity of Jacqualine
JacqueMeaning of JacquePopularity of Jacque
JacqueleenMeaning of JacqueleenPopularity of Jacqueleen
JacquelinMeaning of JacquelinPopularity of Jacquelin
JacquelineMeaning of JacquelinePopularity of Jacqueline
JacquelynMeaning of JacquelynPopularity of Jacquelyn
JacquelyneMeaning of JacquelynePopularity of Jacquelyne
JacquelynnMeaning of JacquelynnPopularity of Jacquelynn
JacquelynneMeaning of JacquelynnePopularity of Jacquelynne
JacquenettaMeaning of JacquenettaPopularity of Jacquenetta
JacquenetteMeaning of JacquenettePopularity of Jacquenette
JacquiMeaning of JacquiPopularity of Jacqui
JacqulineMeaning of JacqulinePopularity of Jacquline
JacqulynMeaning of JacqulynPopularity of Jacqulyn
JacyMeaning of JacyPopularity of Jacy
JadaMeaning of JadaPopularity of Jada
JadeMeaning of JadePopularity of Jade
JadeeMeaning of JadeePopularity of Jadee
JadenMeaning of JadenPopularity of Jaden
JadiraMeaning of JadiraPopularity of Jadira