Baby Name Lists

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Here you can find lists of baby names that you can lookup by first letter and gender. The lists also have links to see the meaning of the name, and how poular the name is. Not all names will have meaning and popularity information available.

First Letter:

JaapMeaning of JaapPopularity of Jaap
JabariMeaning of JabariPopularity of Jabari
JabbarMeaning of JabbarPopularity of Jabbar
JabeMeaning of JabePopularity of Jabe
JabezMeaning of JabezPopularity of Jabez
JabinMeaning of JabinPopularity of Jabin
JabirMeaning of JabirPopularity of Jabir
JacanMeaning of JacanPopularity of Jacan
JaceMeaning of JacePopularity of Jace
JacintoMeaning of JacintoPopularity of Jacinto
JackMeaning of JackPopularity of Jack
JackieMeaning of JackiePopularity of Jackie
JacksonMeaning of JacksonPopularity of Jackson
JackyMeaning of JackyPopularity of Jacky
JacobMeaning of JacobPopularity of Jacob
JacobeMeaning of JacobePopularity of Jacobe
JacoboMeaning of JacoboPopularity of Jacobo
JacobyMeaning of JacobyPopularity of Jacoby
JacotMeaning of JacotPopularity of Jacot
JacqueleenMeaning of JacqueleenPopularity of Jacqueleen
JacquelinMeaning of JacquelinPopularity of Jacquelin
JacquesMeaning of JacquesPopularity of Jacques
JacquezMeaning of JacquezPopularity of Jacquez
JacyMeaning of JacyPopularity of Jacy
JadMeaning of JadPopularity of Jad
JadeMeaning of JadePopularity of Jade
JadenMeaning of JadenPopularity of Jaden
JaderMeaning of JaderPopularity of Jader
JadielMeaning of JadielPopularity of Jadiel
JadonMeaning of JadonPopularity of Jadon
JadynMeaning of JadynPopularity of Jadyn
JaeMeaning of JaePopularity of Jae
JaecarMeaning of JaecarPopularity of Jaecar
JaedenMeaning of JaedenPopularity of Jaeden
JaedonMeaning of JaedonPopularity of Jaedon
JaelMeaning of JaelPopularity of Jael
JafarMeaning of JafarPopularity of Jafar
JaffarMeaning of JaffarPopularity of Jaffar
JagadeepMeaning of JagadeepPopularity of Jagadeep
JagadhidhMeaning of JagadhidhPopularity of Jagadhidh