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Here you can find lists of baby names that you can lookup by first letter and gender. The lists also have links to see the meaning of the name, and how poular the name is. Not all names will have meaning and popularity information available.

First Letter:

IamarMeaning of IamarPopularity of Iamar
IantheMeaning of IanthePopularity of Ianthe
IberniaMeaning of IberniaPopularity of Ibernia
IblisMeaning of IblisPopularity of Iblis
IcaMeaning of IcaPopularity of Ica
IceMeaning of IcePopularity of Ice
IceyMeaning of IceyPopularity of Icey
IcieMeaning of IciePopularity of Icie
IcyMeaning of IcyPopularity of Icy
IdaMeaning of IdaPopularity of Ida
IdabelleMeaning of IdabellePopularity of Idabelle
IdaiaMeaning of IdaiaPopularity of Idaia
IdalieMeaning of IdaliePopularity of Idalie
IdamaeMeaning of IdamaePopularity of Idamae
IdeMeaning of IdePopularity of Ide
IdehMeaning of IdehPopularity of Ideh
IdelisaMeaning of IdelisaPopularity of Idelisa
IdellMeaning of IdellPopularity of Idell
IdellaMeaning of IdellaPopularity of Idella
IdelleMeaning of IdellePopularity of Idelle
IdettaMeaning of IdettaPopularity of Idetta
IdetteMeaning of IdettePopularity of Idette
IdlaMeaning of IdlaPopularity of Idla
IdnaMeaning of IdnaPopularity of Idna
IdoiaMeaning of IdoiaPopularity of Idoia
IdolaMeaning of IdolaPopularity of Idola
IdoniaMeaning of IdoniaPopularity of Idonia
IdurreMeaning of IdurrePopularity of Idurre
IelenaMeaning of IelenaPopularity of Ielena
IerneMeaning of IernePopularity of Ierne
IeshaMeaning of IeshaPopularity of Iesha
IeshiaMeaning of IeshiaPopularity of Ieshia
IfeomaMeaning of IfeomaPopularity of Ifeoma
IfigMeaning of IfigPopularity of Ifig
IgerneMeaning of IgernePopularity of Igerne
IgnaciaMeaning of IgnaciaPopularity of Ignacia
IgoneMeaning of IgonePopularity of Igone
IgraineMeaning of IgrainePopularity of Igraine
IgrayneMeaning of IgraynePopularity of Igrayne
IkerneMeaning of IkernePopularity of Ikerne