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Here you can find lists of baby names that you can lookup by first letter and gender. The lists also have links to see the meaning of the name, and how poular the name is. Not all names will have meaning and popularity information available.

First Letter:

IachimaMeaning of IachimaPopularity of Iachima
IacobMeaning of IacobPopularity of Iacob
IacobeMeaning of IacobePopularity of Iacobe
IagoMeaning of IagoPopularity of Iago
IainMeaning of IainPopularity of Iain
IakovosMeaning of IakovosPopularity of Iakovos
IanMeaning of IanPopularity of Ian
IaokimMeaning of IaokimPopularity of Iaokim
IbeamakaMeaning of IbeamakaPopularity of Ibeamaka
IbhananMeaning of IbhananPopularity of Ibhanan
IbilaMeaning of IbilaPopularity of Ibila
IbrahimMeaning of IbrahimPopularity of Ibrahim
IchabodMeaning of IchabodPopularity of Ichabod
IdaMeaning of IdaPopularity of Ida
IdalMeaning of IdalPopularity of Idal
IdenMeaning of IdenPopularity of Iden
IgashoMeaning of IgashoPopularity of Igasho
IgnaceMeaning of IgnacePopularity of Ignace
IgnacioMeaning of IgnacioPopularity of Ignacio
IgnadoMeaning of IgnadoPopularity of Ignado
IgnatiosMeaning of IgnatiosPopularity of Ignatios
IgnatiusMeaning of IgnatiusPopularity of Ignatius
IgnatzMeaning of IgnatzPopularity of Ignatz
IgnazioMeaning of IgnazioPopularity of Ignazio
IgnaziosMeaning of IgnaziosPopularity of Ignazios
IgorMeaning of IgorPopularity of Igor
IhorangiMeaning of IhorangiPopularity of Ihorangi
IkeMeaning of IkePopularity of Ike
IkerMeaning of IkerPopularity of Iker
IksanderMeaning of IksanderPopularity of Iksander
IkshuMeaning of IkshuPopularity of Ikshu
IleshMeaning of IleshPopularity of Ilesh
IlianaMeaning of IlianaPopularity of Iliana
IliasMeaning of IliasPopularity of Ilias
IljaMeaning of IljaPopularity of Ilja
IllanipiMeaning of IllanipiPopularity of Illanipi
IlliasMeaning of IlliasPopularity of Illias
IllyaMeaning of IllyaPopularity of Illya
IlyaMeaning of IlyaPopularity of Ilya
ImanolMeaning of ImanolPopularity of Imanol