Baby Name Lists

Girls - G

Here you can find lists of baby names that you can lookup by first letter and gender. The lists also have links to see the meaning of the name, and how poular the name is. Not all names will have meaning and popularity information available.

First Letter:

GabbryelaMeaning of GabbryelaPopularity of Gabbryela
GabbyMeaning of GabbyPopularity of Gabby
GabiMeaning of GabiPopularity of Gabi
GabrielMeaning of GabrielPopularity of Gabriel
GabrielaMeaning of GabrielaPopularity of Gabriela
GabrieleMeaning of GabrielePopularity of Gabriele
GabriellMeaning of GabriellPopularity of Gabriell
GabriellaMeaning of GabriellaPopularity of Gabriella
GabrielleMeaning of GabriellePopularity of Gabrielle
GabyMeaning of GabyPopularity of Gaby
GaeaMeaning of GaeaPopularity of Gaea
GaelMeaning of GaelPopularity of Gael
GaelleMeaning of GaellePopularity of Gaelle
GaetanaMeaning of GaetanaPopularity of Gaetana
GaetaneMeaning of GaetanePopularity of Gaetane
GahoMeaning of GahoPopularity of Gaho
GaiaMeaning of GaiaPopularity of Gaia
GailMeaning of GailPopularity of Gail
GailaMeaning of GailaPopularity of Gaila
GainesMeaning of GainesPopularity of Gaines
GainorMeaning of GainorPopularity of Gainor
GainsboroughMeaning of GainsboroughPopularity of Gainsborough
GairaMeaning of GairaPopularity of Gaira
GalaMeaning of GalaPopularity of Gala
GalateaMeaning of GalateaPopularity of Galatea
GalateeMeaning of GalateePopularity of Galatee
GaleMeaning of GalePopularity of Gale
GaleaMeaning of GaleaPopularity of Galea
GalenMeaning of GalenPopularity of Galen
GalenaMeaning of GalenaPopularity of Galena
GaleniaMeaning of GaleniaPopularity of Galenia
GalenkaMeaning of GalenkaPopularity of Galenka
GaliMeaning of GaliPopularity of Gali
GaliaMeaning of GaliaPopularity of Galia
GalianaMeaning of GalianaPopularity of Galiana
GaliceMeaning of GalicePopularity of Galice
GalienaMeaning of GalienaPopularity of Galiena
GalieneMeaning of GalienePopularity of Galiene
GalilaMeaning of GalilaPopularity of Galila
GalilahMeaning of GalilahPopularity of Galilah