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Girls - F

Here you can find lists of baby names that you can lookup by first letter and gender. The lists also have links to see the meaning of the name, and how poular the name is. Not all names will have meaning and popularity information available.

First Letter:

FabiaMeaning of FabiaPopularity of Fabia
FabianaMeaning of FabianaPopularity of Fabiana
FabienneMeaning of FabiennePopularity of Fabienne
FabiolaMeaning of FabiolaPopularity of Fabiola
FabyaMeaning of FabyaPopularity of Fabya
FadilahMeaning of FadilahPopularity of Fadilah
FaeMeaning of FaePopularity of Fae
FafelinaMeaning of FafelinaPopularity of Fafelina
FafelynaMeaning of FafelynaPopularity of Fafelyna
FaffaMeaning of FaffaPopularity of Faffa
FaffelinaMeaning of FaffelinaPopularity of Faffelina
FafylenaMeaning of FafylenaPopularity of Fafylena
FaigaMeaning of FaigaPopularity of Faiga
FainaMeaning of FainaPopularity of Faina
FaincheMeaning of FainchePopularity of Fainche
FairuzaMeaning of FairuzaPopularity of Fairuza
FairyMeaning of FairyPopularity of Fairy
FaithMeaning of FaithPopularity of Faith
FaitheMeaning of FaithePopularity of Faithe
FaithfulMeaning of FaithfulPopularity of Faithful
FaizahMeaning of FaizahPopularity of Faizah
FalaMeaning of FalaPopularity of Fala
FalanaMeaning of FalanaPopularity of Falana
FalineMeaning of FalinePopularity of Faline
FallonMeaning of FallonPopularity of Fallon
FallynMeaning of FallynPopularity of Fallyn
FalonMeaning of FalonPopularity of Falon
FanaMeaning of FanaPopularity of Fana
FanceenMeaning of FanceenPopularity of Fanceen
FanchonMeaning of FanchonPopularity of Fanchon
FanchoneMeaning of FanchonePopularity of Fanchone
FanettaMeaning of FanettaPopularity of Fanetta
FanetteMeaning of FanettePopularity of Fanette
FanniMeaning of FanniPopularity of Fanni
FanniaMeaning of FanniaPopularity of Fannia
FannieMeaning of FanniePopularity of Fannie
FannyMeaning of FannyPopularity of Fanny
FannyeMeaning of FannyePopularity of Fannye
FantaMeaning of FantaPopularity of Fanta
FantasiaMeaning of FantasiaPopularity of Fantasia