Baby Name Lists

Girls - B

Here you can find lists of baby names that you can lookup by first letter and gender. The lists also have links to see the meaning of the name, and how poular the name is. Not all names will have meaning and popularity information available.

First Letter:

BaakoMeaning of BaakoPopularity of Baako
BabMeaning of BabPopularity of Bab
BabetteMeaning of BabettePopularity of Babette
BabsMeaning of BabsPopularity of Babs
BabyMeaning of BabyPopularity of Baby
BaciaMeaning of BaciaPopularity of Bacia
BageshriMeaning of BageshriPopularity of Bageshri
BahatiMeaning of BahatiPopularity of Bahati
BahiraMeaning of BahiraPopularity of Bahira
BaibreMeaning of BaibrePopularity of Baibre
BaileeMeaning of BaileePopularity of Bailee
BaileyMeaning of BaileyPopularity of Bailey
BakaMeaning of BakaPopularity of Baka
BakanaMeaning of BakanaPopularity of Bakana
BakarneMeaning of BakarnePopularity of Bakarne
BakerMeaning of BakerPopularity of Baker
BakulaMeaning of BakulaPopularity of Bakula
BalaMeaning of BalaPopularity of Bala
BalbinaMeaning of BalbinaPopularity of Balbina
BaldhartMeaning of BaldhartPopularity of Baldhart
BalindaMeaning of BalindaPopularity of Balinda
BallardMeaning of BallardPopularity of Ballard
BamaMeaning of BamaPopularity of Bama
BambiMeaning of BambiPopularity of Bambi
BananMeaning of BananPopularity of Banan
BandhuraMeaning of BandhuraPopularity of Bandhura
BansariMeaning of BansariPopularity of Bansari
BarMeaning of BarPopularity of Bar
BaraMeaning of BaraPopularity of Bara
BarakaMeaning of BarakaPopularity of Baraka
BarakahMeaning of BarakahPopularity of Barakah
BararellaMeaning of BararellaPopularity of Bararella
BarbMeaning of BarbPopularity of Barb
BarbaraMeaning of BarbaraPopularity of Barbara
BarbiMeaning of BarbiPopularity of Barbi
BarbieMeaning of BarbiePopularity of Barbie
BarbraMeaning of BarbraPopularity of Barbra
BarbsMeaning of BarbsPopularity of Barbs
BarbyMeaning of BarbyPopularity of Barby
BariMeaning of BariPopularity of Bari