Baby Name Lists

Boys - B

Here you can find lists of baby names that you can lookup by first letter and gender. The lists also have links to see the meaning of the name, and how poular the name is. Not all names will have meaning and popularity information available.

First Letter:

BaMeaning of BaPopularity of Ba
BabeMeaning of BabePopularity of Babe
BabyMeaning of BabyPopularity of Baby
BabyboyMeaning of BabyboyPopularity of Babyboy
BacMeaning of BacPopularity of Bac
BackstereMeaning of BacksterePopularity of Backstere
BadrinathMeaning of BadrinathPopularity of Badrinath
BadriprasadMeaning of BadriprasadPopularity of Badriprasad
BaeMeaning of BaePopularity of Bae
BaecereMeaning of BaecerePopularity of Baecere
BaenMeaning of BaenPopularity of Baen
BaerhloewMeaning of BaerhloewPopularity of Baerhloew
BaethanMeaning of BaethanPopularity of Baethan
BagdemagusMeaning of BagdemagusPopularity of Bagdemagus
BaghelMeaning of BaghelPopularity of Baghel
BahirMeaning of BahirPopularity of Bahir
BaighMeaning of BaighPopularity of Baigh
BaileeMeaning of BaileePopularity of Bailee
BaileyMeaning of BaileyPopularity of Bailey
BailintinMeaning of BailintinPopularity of Bailintin
BaIlochMeaning of BaIlochPopularity of BaIloch
BailyMeaning of BailyPopularity of Baily
BainbridgeMeaning of BainbridgePopularity of Bainbridge
BainbrydgeMeaning of BainbrydgePopularity of Bainbrydge
BainganaMeaning of BainganaPopularity of Baingana
BairdMeaning of BairdPopularity of Baird
BairnMeaning of BairnPopularity of Bairn
BairrfhionnMeaning of BairrfhionnPopularity of Bairrfhionn
BairrfhoinnMeaning of BairrfhoinnPopularity of Bairrfhoinn
BajnokMeaning of BajnokPopularity of Bajnok
BakariMeaning of BakariPopularity of Bakari
BakerMeaning of BakerPopularity of Baker
BalaadityaMeaning of BalaadityaPopularity of Balaaditya
BalachandraMeaning of BalachandraPopularity of Balachandra
BalajiMeaning of BalajiPopularity of Balaji
BalakrishnaMeaning of BalakrishnaPopularity of Balakrishna
BalamaniMeaning of BalamaniPopularity of Balamani
BalamohanMeaning of BalamohanPopularity of Balamohan
BalavanMeaning of BalavanPopularity of Balavan
BalboMeaning of BalboPopularity of Balbo