Baby Name Lists

Girls - A

Here you can find lists of baby names that you can lookup by first letter and gender. The lists also have links to see the meaning of the name, and how poular the name is. Not all names will have meaning and popularity information available.

First Letter:

A'ishahMeaning of A'ishahPopularity of A'ishah
AadhyaMeaning of AadhyaPopularity of Aadhya
AaliyahMeaning of AaliyahPopularity of Aaliyah
AanyaMeaning of AanyaPopularity of Aanya
AaronMeaning of AaronPopularity of Aaron
AayeshaMeaning of AayeshaPopularity of Aayesha
AbaMeaning of AbaPopularity of Aba
AbagailMeaning of AbagailPopularity of Abagail
AbaigaelMeaning of AbaigaelPopularity of Abaigael
AbaigealMeaning of AbaigealPopularity of Abaigeal
AbarraneMeaning of AbarranePopularity of Abarrane
AbbaMeaning of AbbaPopularity of Abba
AbbeMeaning of AbbePopularity of Abbe
AbbeyMeaning of AbbeyPopularity of Abbey
AbbieMeaning of AbbiePopularity of Abbie
AbbigailMeaning of AbbigailPopularity of Abbigail
AbbyMeaning of AbbyPopularity of Abby
AbebaMeaning of AbebaPopularity of Abeba
AbebiMeaning of AbebiPopularity of Abebi
AbedabunMeaning of AbedabunPopularity of Abedabun
AbegayleMeaning of AbegaylePopularity of Abegayle
AbellaMeaning of AbellaPopularity of Abella
AbenaMeaning of AbenaPopularity of Abena
AbequaMeaning of AbequaPopularity of Abequa
AbequeMeaning of AbequePopularity of Abeque
AbeyMeaning of AbeyPopularity of Abey
AbhaMeaning of AbhaPopularity of Abha
AbhayaMeaning of AbhayaPopularity of Abhaya
AbhilashaMeaning of AbhilashaPopularity of Abhilasha
AbhyMeaning of AbhyPopularity of Abhy
AbiaMeaning of AbiaPopularity of Abia
AbiagealMeaning of AbiagealPopularity of Abiageal
AbichailMeaning of AbichailPopularity of Abichail
AbigailMeaning of AbigailPopularity of Abigail
AbigaleMeaning of AbigalePopularity of Abigale
AbigayleMeaning of AbigaylePopularity of Abigayle
AbihailMeaning of AbihailPopularity of Abihail
AbilioMeaning of AbilioPopularity of Abilio
AbinaMeaning of AbinaPopularity of Abina
AbionaMeaning of AbionaPopularity of Abiona